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Rehearsal on November 5, 2021 for the first formal reading of 2 ½ BREATHS in Las Vegas, NV

Video Featuring: Adrian Deane, Ed Gonzalez Moreno*, Marsha Dimalanta, and David Warner (cello)

* Actors' Equity Union

It was early summer of 2020, and I was chatting with my sister, Charisse. I was mentioning to her that I wanted to start something new and do something of my own. She advised for me to start writing; that it didn’t matter what it was: thoughts, words, phrases, ideas, “just start writing, Sooshje.” And so, I got off the phone and did exactly that. I began to write what was then, a play entitled The Vows. 


By August, I had my first draft. I received immense support, feedback, and a sensitivity like no other from my good friend Robert Estès, otherwise fondly known as The Captain, artistic director of Anton’s Well Theatre Co. in Berkeley, CA. I trusted him because he’s truly an honest man. He’s a humble gentle-man. Completely authentic through and through. He adores the English language. A fierce academic, he has read libraries of plays. And he loves some good ‘ole fashioned conversation over a delicious Irish Coffee…or, in our case, FOUR! So, though I was scared out of my mind to show him my work, I knew that he could mentor me.  He guided me, gave me his perspective, and as he always does, gave me the strength and courage I needed to stay on the path. He understood what I was trying to do, and simply kept on telling me to continue to write, “Continue digging, Bridge. Keep going, Bridge. Keep going.”

 I continued to work on character development and refine moments of the play, reading the play with friends, and then on a trip to Idaho, I asked my father and his wife to read the play. We discussed and had an incredible dialogue about their initial thoughts and feelings. My husband kept mentioning how moved he was by the two and a half breaths repeated like a mantra throughout. The next morning, I sat in my father’s garden and changed the title to 2 ½ BREATHS.

And now, over 2 years and almost 20 drafts later, I am proud and honored to present to you the world premiere of 2 ½  BREATHS at the Chain Theatre in Midtown Manhattan, May 19, 2022 thru June 5, 2022.

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